My blog is 1 year old!! Thank you so much for following and supporting me!

Ahhh~ Your Fanficton is so awesome! :D I want to read more!! I'm looking forward to the next chapter! ♡

I’m so glad you like it whaa! ;0; you’re so sweet

Hey! :D I have a question, could you check out my picture on deviantart and tell me how it is? :) My Name is RoronoaZoroLover ( I wish I could change that name ._. ) And the picture is called: New Goddess Precure!

ah, I’ve seen it today! I thought they were really well-designed precures. well done! Cure Zeus hair color and style is really sweet~ also I love the big ribbons on their backs.

learning from the Smile Precure poses is really nice but I think you could really make up some original poses that will show off each cure’s personality ^ O ^

good job! keep it up!


Also Hime’s eyebrows are everything.


I’m so happy about happiness charge precure ahhh!!! Hime is my precious baby and I will love her forever I just know.
It’s exciting because it would be like watching heartcatch and being excited about it as it airs - which is something I missed cause I started with Suite ;0;

Sailor Moon style for the draw-yourself ask prompt? Please! uwu

whaaa sure! that’s cool ; v ; 

steven universe??

don’t know it?? what is it? :D

??? ;v;