Practicing Composition! loving it so far. It’s super sweet piglet majokko, Tomiko Chan!
what a cute blog

Whaa thank you ;;

Smile Precure.

hehe… I might as well do this challenge seriosly ; v ;

Doki Doki Kyun Kyun, a Pure Maiden’s Prayer! Cure Romance!

What are you'r brush settings??

I use the brush tool! I play with pressure sensitivity and blending settings as I draw. For flat colors I make it really blending but no pressure, and for shading I make it not blending and pressure sensitive! Hope I was clear haha my English is so-so.

Are you going to continue your zodiac series? Your art always makes me so happy 😘

Whaa thank you (////v////) I’m happy to hear that. Of course I’m gonna continue! I hope you like the rest.

How old are you?



16 hours at work yay love my life